• Ladybug Pottery (map)
  • 12478 Champlin Dr
  • Champlin, MN, 55316
  • United States

AUGUST 10th-14th

We will watch a movie each day and paint a piece of pottery to go with the theme of the movie
Monday — Finding Nemo: Paint a fish or turtle figurine and make your very owl "fish" bowl
Tuesday — Lady and the Tramp: Paint a dog box / Puppy chow snack will be provided
Wednesday — Monsters Inc: Paint your very own monster bank - there will be three banks to choose from
Thursday — Little Mermaid: Paint a mermaid, hermit crab, or snail figurine for your fish bowl
Friday — Popcorn Bowl: Paint your own popcorn bowl and enjoy a final pizza party! Party starts at 1:00pm